Chemical training

AMES has developed and conducted maintenance and technical training courses for AMES employees and a variety of utility clients. These courses have ranged from a few hours to several days. Courses include Initial Qualification, Just In Time Maintenance Practices, Valve Repair and Restoration, SRV Testing, Valve Engineering and Design, AOV and MOV Maintenance and Diagnostic Testing, Basic and Advanced Diagnostic Test Data Interpretation.

AMES training courses are developed following the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) accreditation guidelines.  AMES provides training for all aspects of valve and actuator repair and testing.  AMES’ training courses consist of classroom instruction, practical hands-on training, and written and practical examinations.  A passing grade for the course requires a score of 80% or higher on written exams.  Qualification is not solely based on obtaining a passing score, but is further dependent on the trainee's past experience level and successful completion of a hands-on Task Performance Evaluation (TPE).

All course presentations can be customized to the site’s individual needs and include a course syllabus, knowledge objectives, applicable instructor resumes, and assessment of the student’s comprehension of the presented material such that credit may be taken within the plants accredited training program.


  • The AMES’ Systematic Approach to Training eliminates the effort required by utilities to site qualify our personnel individually.  The AMES performance based training program has been fully accepted by numerous nuclear utilities.  No additional training, resume review or exemption by the plant is performed by our customers once they have reviewed our program.

  • The Independent nature of the AMES organization allows our customers to have field-experienced based training on virtually any manufacturer’s equipment, including diagnostic systems.  The breadth of our team’s experience ensures that our customers receive honest training without the marketing received during OEM training.

  • Our training department is supported by our field engineers and technicians who are subject matter experts.  This provides an opportunity for field personnel to work side by side with their trainers for reinforcement of training and additional mentoring.  This also ensures that our instructors place an emphasis on fundamental concepts needed in the field.

  • Adherence to INPO training guidelines enables any utility to accept the AMES training program with no additional justifications or exemptions.


Air Operated Valve Actuator Maintenance Training Courses:

  • Diaphragm Actuator Theory and Maintenance
  • Piston Actuator Theory and Maintenance
  • Rotary Actuator Theory and Maintenance
  • Packing Maintenance installation and testing
  • AOV Accessory Theory and Maintenance
  • Valve Maintenance Courses 
  • Positioners (Site specific)
  • Electrical Terminations
  • Low Voltage Raychem Sizing and Installation
  • LLRTs: Valves and Penetrations
  • Site Specific Training developed upon request

Air Operated Valve Diagnostics Courses:

  • QuikLook®
  • UDS®
  • Fowscanner®
  • AirCEt®
  • VIPER®
  • UltraCheck A®
  • Advanced Trace Analysis
  • Direct Stem Force Measurements
  • AOV Sizing and Engineering Criteria

Motor Operated Valve Actuator Maintenance Training Courses:

  • Limitorque Actuator Theory and Maintenance
  • Rotork Actuator Theory and Maintenance
  • EIM Actuator Theory and Maintenance
  • Basic Electrical Theory and Safety Practices
  • Electrical Drawings and Schematics
  • Electrical Terminations
  • Low Voltage Raychem Sizing and Installation
  • LLRTs: Valves and Penetrations

Motor Operated Valve Diagnostic Courses:

  • QuikLook®
  • Votes®
  • UDS®
  • VIPER®
  • UltraCheck®
  • MPM® / MC2®
  • Advanced Trace Analysis
  • Direct Stem Force Measurements
  • MOV Sizing and Engineering Criteria

Valve Basics

  • Gate Valve Repair
  • Globe Valve Repair
  • Pressure Seal Valve Maintenance
  • Control Valve Repair
  • Packing Maintenance and Theory
  • EFCO Valve Machine tooling
  • Dexter Valve Machine tooling

Electrical Training

  • Electrical Safety for Operators Training
  • Power Transformer Training
  • Circuit Breaker Training
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Training
  • Isolator Training
  • Protection Scheme
  • Relay Training
  • DC Supply System Training

Valve Engineering

  • Basic Valve Engineering
  • Advanced Valve Engineering
  • Advanced Valve Packing
  • AOV Technical Fundamentals
  • MOV Technical Fundamentals
  • MOV/AOV Thrust & Torque Calculation Preparation
  • AOV Calculation Reconciliation Training
  • Failure Analysis
  • AOV JOG Program
  • AOV Thrust Calculation Preparation
  • AOV and/or MOV Diagnostic Testing